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Why Thoughts Are Important

“Thoughts become things.” This is a common mantra that I have heard over the years. At first, I just dismissed it as a nice gesture; but over time, I realized how important and powerful my thoughts are and the direction they are taking. For example, if I just roll out of bed on automatic pilot, pick up the same issue that was bugging me the day before, or try and win the same arguments with people that are no longer present, I begin my day in a negative way.

Through the laws of attraction, I begin to draw things to me that fit the same feeling and vibration that I am experiencing. If I am feeling like a victim, the Universe gives me more to feel victimized about. I might bump my head, get mistreated, or even have my muffler fall off my car on the way to work, (seriously, this happened).

Instead, if I slowly wake up, begin with feelings of gratitude for the small stuff in life, like having a bed to sleep in or being able to breathe, before I even put my feet on the ground, the direction of my day flows in an upward spiral. I attract more positive experiences that confirm how blessed my life is. Quantum physics incorporates the idea that we change a quality or particle by our mere observation of it. Therefore, we can also change experiences by our attention and focus on them.

I now am much more intentional with my mind and try to notice the thoughts before they spiral in a negative, downward manner. Just observing, while not attaching to the thought, is powerful. I can shift the day when I catch my thought patterns early on. We are co-creators of our lives after all. Why not create a life that is joy filled, loving, and allows us to thrive?

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