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Let's THAI The World Together
 A World That Works For Everyone!
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We believe in a Power greater than we are that weaves its way through all life; many spiritual truths, one common core.   It expresses itself in beautiful, unique ways.  We co-create with this Loving Presence, through our focus and intentions. If you like Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay, then you will love this teaching.

We welcome people of all faith traditions.

Start Your
Personal Transformation
Join  Our
Global Community


  • Your true self

  • A greater awareness of your purpose in life

  • How your thoughts manifest your reality


  • A greater sense of peace

  • Tools for meditation and mindfulness 

  • Confidence and trust in your daily life

  • Laughter, friendship, and the joy of living


  • ​With your inner being

  • Like-minded people

  • Our global community

  • Through Spaces and Places

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We connect in VIRTUAL SPACES and....



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Discover, Experience and Connect! We meet online through Zoom workshops, our Virtual Spaces and through mindfulness walks and community events, when and where possible, our Physical Places

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“Thanks to both one-to-one and group sessions I have had with Lisa, I have been able to take a different/more constructive perspective towards myself, especially in the hard times of my life. In our sessions, we would talk about various things, and it would seem like a casual chat at times. Yet, I always know that behind those words, we, together, would form a very reliable self-healing mechanism in the self, and I am, now, able to apply it even in the most challenging moments of my life."

Listen, Watch and Meet

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